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Thorough Explanation of Rakuten Points! How to Earn and Spend Points Effectively

Thorough Explanation of Rakuten Points! How to Earn and Spend Points Effectively

Posted at: 2023.4.17

What is Rakuten Points?

Rakuten Points is a point service issued by Rakuten Group, Inc. which operates Rakuten Ichiba.

Originally, it was a simple service to earn points for purchases on Rakuten Ichiba and use them to pay for purchases on Rakuten Ichiba. Today, Rakuten Points can be earned and used at Rakuten Credit Card, Rakuten Travel, Rakuten Securities, and Rakuten Point affiliated stores.

Concept of earning Rakuten Points

Rakuten Super Sale" and "Rakuten Shopping Marathon" are the most popular times to earn Rakuten Points. Therefore, the concept is based on the idea of "earning points by shopping at Rakuten Ichiba.

A related service called Rakuten Economic Zone can increase the base of earning points at Rakuten Ichiba. For example, Rakuten Card, a credit card, gives you +4% points when you shop on the days of 0 and 5 at Rakuten Ichiba.

In this way, the best way to increase your points is to combine with Rakuten Ichiba campaigns while preparing to make your purchases at Rakuten Ichiba with as high a redemption rate as possible.

What is the best way to use Rakuten Points?

Rakuten Points are good to accumulate in Rakuten Ichiba, but we do not recommend to spend them in Rakuten Ichiba. Because you will lose the opportunity of Rakuten Card's +4% reduction.

The best way to use Rakuten Points is to "pay in town with Rakuten Pay".

Rakuten Pay, Rakuten's code payment service, allows you to spend from Rakuten Points or Rakuten Cash. Moreover, it has partnerships with many supermarkets in town, so you can spend Rakuten Points on inexpensive purchases at supermarkets.

Some supermarkets may have special conditions such as "1% discount for cash," but even if you shop for 10,000 yen, it is 100 yen, so if you spend the same 10,000 yen in cash, you can get a higher rate of return by spending +4% at Rakuten Ichiba via Rakuten Card.

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